hunting wildlife at GBL Ranch


Map showing location of GBL Ranch.

GBL Ranch is located in Edwards County, Texas. The ranch house is off County Road 161/160, about 6 miles from State Highway 377 between Junction and Rocksprings. GBL is over 4 square miles of oaks, mesquite, cedar, cactus, limestone bluffs, and dry creek beds. Access to the ranch may be limited in wet weather. Property fencing is low and allows free-range access by both Native and Exotic game. Ranch Managers maintain both hunting and sanctuary areas on the ranch with a network of more than 20 feeders and 2 water wells to encourage game on the property.

We offer an alternative to the 3 most common hunting approaches used in the hill country- private property, leased, and guided hunting. Our package hunts include guests staying at the ranch house, transportation to and from hunting areas, and some game that may be taken at no additional charge



Pioneer cattleman MM Bradford moved to Edwards County in 1879 and lived in a cave on the ranch while building his home on Contrary Creek. His son, Wheat, started ranching the land as a teenager. Wheat married Maude and they raised 3 girls. The middle segment of the divided homestead, GBL Ranch, is named after Wheat's youngest daughter, Gail.  Gail directed management of the ranch until her passing, just short of 87 years old. 


WT Buck and turkey at a ground feeder

In 2005 GBL Ranch adopted a goal to sustain a diverse population of native wildlife and to control the population of exotic, non-native, game. Hunting is our primary game management tool. To meet our goals, GBL reviews package specifics and Add-on fees annually.   

We offer hunting of free range native and exotic game and viewing of wildlife in a natural environment.  Hunters at GBL use feeders and blinds; this relatively safe, low-profile, method of hunting is widely used in the Texas Hill Country. We include meat animals in all our hunting packages, and our "Add-on" fee list provides flat fee options for taking additional game. There are no "cull" or "management buck" categories that complicate determining fees.


Most of our guests hunt, and a high percentage are repeat customers. In addition to seeing a variety of wildlife, our guests experience a truly dark, night sky; view game in a free range setting; and experience the quiet that exists away from urban areas. 

Our calendar is set about a year in advance, but we can usually work in other visits. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in visiting the Texas Hill Country. 


GBL has both common and rarely seen native and exotic game animals. Song birds are present all year, but migration activity increases the variety of birds. For individuals interested in Hill  Country plants, insects and reptiles, there are many species to observe.