Common Questions

Do you host multiple groups at the same time?

No. We host 1 group at a time. We work with a point of contact for each visit. That person will determine the group members.

What level of experience is needed to hunt at GBL?

We will assist new hunters, if requested.  However, hunters are responsible for making a decision to shoot and for taking appropriate care of their harvested game.

What do I need to bring?

You bring food, drinks, hunting license, guns, hunting gear, medications, and personal toiletries.

You also bring coolers and ice for game.

You may bring a pop-up blind. It should be put in place soon after arrival to give game a chance to get used to it. 

What does GBL provide?

We share the ranch house with our guests.  

Our kitchen (including refrigerator, dishes, and silverware),  grill, smoker, and walk-in cooler are available for guest use. 

We provide coffee in the morning. 

Bedrooms and bathrooms are furnished with blankets, pillows, linens, towels, soaps, and toilet paper.

We have a shooting range that may be used to check your rifle, but each hunter should sight-in the guns they plan to use, before arrival at the ranch.

GBL provides transportation within the ranch.

Why do you have a policy limiting the number of youth in a group?

GBL supports youth hunters. In our experience, limiting hunting groups to only one youth helps promote a safe and productive hunt.  Exceptions are possible, but need to be discussed prior to arrival at GBL. 

Do you allow bow hunting?

We will consider limited use of bows by our gun hunters in morning hunts, but do not offer bow hunts.

What are the Ranch Rules?

Respect the Animals

You are responsible for any animal you shoot, recovered or not.

Only listed "Add-on" animals may be hunted.

No hunting from around the house and adjacent grounds.

Unethical or unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated.

Guests are asked to keep a low profile in terms of their voice and activities.

Respect the Property

No littering. 

Do not leave food or trash in blinds.

No smoking inside any building or hunting area.

No removal of items from the ranch without permission.

For Your Safety and Ours

Guns should be loaded only when hunting. 

Always pay close attention while loading and unloading.

Follow basic gun handling safety procedures at all times.

Consumption of alcoholic beverages is allowed, in moderation, when not  hunting.

Fires are allowed only in designated fire pits and not during county burn bans.

Non-hunting guests must stay within the house grounds or in a blind.

Guests 17 and younger may not stay alone in the ranch house.

What else do I need to know?

Hunting package prices are a minimum, per hunter charge, whether or not all included items and services (nights of lodging, days of hunting, and included game) are used.

All game is "Hunter's Choice." There are no "cull" designations. Only goats have a length of horn associated with their fees.  This is to differentiate between meat and trophy game.  

Animals are considered taken if wounded.  The Ranch staff will work with a hunter to track and will have final say on all tracking activity.

Guests may be asked to leave early if they cannot respect the Ranch Rules.

We generally eat family-style with our guests and will assist with meal preparation as needed.

No ATV's or animals may be brought in.  There is a ranch cat that may be in and around the house area.

Bow hunting is generally not permitted. You are encouraged to discuss your bow hunting requests with the Ranch staff prior to arrival.